Saturday, 8 March 2008

Set up and ready to go!

Photos ..Nadia at the display and Jodie Lane manning the stall.

Photo top far right.
left to right...........Rona Reid, Melissa Donegan, Nadia Forbes and Janet Lane

At 1.00 am this morning, Jodie emailed me a short note....

"yep its been a bigg'n but a good'n, all's well, 1am and just got home with the two young girls, Amy (my daughter) brought the other two home earlier."

I think the stall looks great, Jodie and Jacqui had a big day getting it all ready. A lot of talking to do to get the ladies to attend the stall. So Many people, so much happening, very overwhelming for a group of four women from the Gibson Desert. All power to them, they are giving it their best shot.

A break of dawn call from my enthusiastic sister-in-law Vicki and Jodie was rudely awakened to yet another day. Vicki came to collect Jacqui to go to the Womad stall, some preparation needed for today's activity.

I spoke to Jodie while she was having coffee, contemplating getting the ladies to Botanic Park for another day. This is a big ask for Jodie and a HUGE ask for the ladies Melissa, Janet, Nadia and Rona. Still Amy tells me they loaded into my little red Toyota and headed off in timely fashion.

The interview on ABC local Radio brought a good collection of interested people to the stall last night. Hopefully the interest will continue. The Paper making set up is in place and Jodie had pulled and is pressing, to dry overnight, a good batch of paper, anyone going to the stall will see the the birth of the product through to the finishing touches. I know from past experience that people love to see this "whole of production" show. Those who want to pull paper will be able to arrange to do that with the mob also.

This is a great chance for the paper artists to engage with the outside world and to view first hand, the appreciation and value the public has for their wonderful product.

I am so happy that we managed to get them there.

Another quote from Jodie's mail this morning....

"The Black Armband" fantastic indigenous line up and the girls started to realize what a special place they were in."

Jodie sent up a photo of one of the display works. This is the first time we have put together a triptych, I think it came up rather well. We are playing with a wide range of methods in presentation, soooo many possibilities, still haven't scratched the surface.

A quick snap shot, still I think you will get the basic idea.

The adventure continues ........... to quote Barbara Budd "more as it happens".