Sunday, 9 March 2008

40 c' in Adelaide today.

The team enjoy a break under the trees in Botanic Park.

A huge day yesterday, an exhausted and very hot group rest a little this morning at Keswick.

Jodie and Jacqui have headed in to set up and regroup after a big day. The ladies are resting in the aircon. preparing themselves for the busy night ahead. Vicki my sister-in-law will take them into Womad mid afternoon for the big finale to the event. Hopefully the heat will have dissipated a little and the ladies will not be melting with their paint over the work they are doing.

The Indigenous Community Volunteer guys will he off this afternoon after being a great help and hopefully getting some good pictures and stories for their magazine.

Amy, my daughter is headed back in with Harlan, my grandson, this afternoon. The worst heat of the day over, they will enjoy the last of womad and be ready to help get the tired workers home. Wow! what an event and who would ever have believed it would be soooooo hot.

Last night, the music show with Andrew Ford on ABC radio national, broadcast live from Womad, it was almost as good as being there. I will take the opportunity to stream this again.

Today I have my letter for the minister to finalize and my funding application for the outreach project art worker to complete.

I taped "The Great Race" yesterday, I am hoping to get some time to watch it, one of my favourites!

A big wind today, baby sitting two extra dogs, hoping the art centre troupie will return home, and getting ready for a giant week of governance training, traveling and the art centre AGM.

One of the chunky, funky pieces of jewellery made from hand moulded and hand painted spinifex pulp beads with local seeds. Each piece of jewellery is quite individual and they are proving to be a very successful addition to the craft activities for our enterprise.