Tuesday, 1 February 2022

 Well its tuesday afternoon,  It has been a difficult couple of days.  I am waiting to head to the police station to see if one of the Police officers will act as mediator between a couple of people in community.  quite a bit of bad blood and it needs to be calmed down.

We have enought to worry about at the moment with Covid on the borders of the lands.  the police are doing their best to limit travel between WA and SA.  Not easy with this mob who just cant understand the danger.

I am trying to make plans for a quick trip to Adelaide to see a surgeon.  I have had a bit of an accident and have a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder.  At time painfull, always uncomfortable, needs surgery, just wondering how and when with the current inter state border issues and having to sort my dogs while I am away.

I have a worrying leak from one of the gutters in the kitchen at keswick.  I am hoping when I am down, I can meet a plumber and see what we need to sort it.  I will be limited for time.  Probably I will need to quaranteen in Alice before being able to get over the boder to WA.

Apart from reporting for government, sorting the kitchen rules book before the food auditor arrives, updating the book of rules for community care project officers, time is busy thinking and discussing plans for when Covid arrives on Ngaanyatjarra Lands.  

A muddly and busy time.  This morning the police rang to check up on three community members who were at a nearby community and they were trying to assess whether they had crossed the border to SA.  Trouble for the is they have and management issues for us to quaranteen them and test them for Covid.