Saturday, 6 April 2019

Here I am in sunny downtown Kiwirrkurra, it is saturday morning and I am listening to the music show on ABC radio via my phone.

It is the end of week 1 when I have been holding the fort for Bruno while he is on leave.

The first thing I need to say is that Bruno earns his pay :-)  I often report that Kiwirrkurra is one of the nicest Care Centres we have on the Lands and that is true, it is also like being in the inside of a cement mixer, People calling and wanting and there are 6 CDP participant workers that one is trying to give direction and keep focused for the service time.  I have aged 10 years this week :-)  I have also come down with a rather nasty Viral infection. It is ages since I caught anything nasty out on the lands.  When I first started working in this environment, I used to come down with all sorts of infections, I have become a manic hand washer and I believe I have developed a resistance to the kind of things that go around out here.  Non the less, this week I have fallen in a big way, I feel like shit.

I had intended to spend this weekend sorting the stores for the women's centre, working out a menu for the week, trying to make it easier to coordinate the ladies I work with.

I have tried coordinating their work start time, so I do not have  6 people with not concept of shared work, all trying to do the same thing or stop doing anything and having breakfast instead.

I want a couple to come in at 7.30 then the rest at 9.00 am.  that way I can set up and coordinate work activities in a slightly easier way.  These are lovely ladies who have never had someone coordinate their time, I am trying to set up "start a job and finish a job" concepts, a little success and a lot of failure thus far. 

I had plans of a well planned cleaning routine and of setting up some of the colour coded set up for Bruno, he is so far out of the loop, he does not get the help that he deserves.

Best thing is the electricians have some and installed a new air con for Bruno, he has had a sorry time during the very hot summer out here.
Back in Keswick, readying for my drive back to the lands. A bit of car trouble and on the way down I left my ute with Harris mechanics at Pt Broughton. Amy and I will catch the bus to Pt Broughton tomorrow, stay the night at the Sunniside motel, collect the car and head on to Pt Augusta to pick up my dogs from Roger at the Red Gum doggy holiday camp. Amy will bus back to Adelaide and I will head on, hoping to reach Glendambo thursday night. I will go back the long way, down the docker road. the corrugations on the Mulga Park road between Kalka and Piplyatjarra are shcoking and I have no doubt are the reason for the broken engine mount in my ute.