Friday, 18 June 2021

 A day, a week of mixed blessings.

As always there are difficulties with work bases and staffing.  At the moment the worst problem is the biggest community, Warburton.

I will go over next week and stay a few days to help the centre and to see what is going on, what is the problem.  I have asked to employ a cook, I think this will sort a number of issues.

I have for a while had a thought bubble about a training program run in each of the work bases with the schools.  It has not been easy to get good information or suggestions from the schools.  If I talk to the senior teacher or the head honcho in warakurna, the answer is yes we would love to participate in such a scheme but if I ask for advise or suggestions about how this would work, I get a no response, no feedback.  So, I have been doing a bit of research in to this as and when I have time. To day I actually got a call back and some positive feedback.

I have arranged to meet up with this person in august and we will thrash out a concept and see where it takes us.  I am feeling a bit more position about the idea now.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

 I write so little these days.  I can hardly believe that we are well over a year into Covid.  vaccinations will roll out here soon, Ng Health has done a deal with the Flying Doctor, so I anticipate my first shot about the 28th June.  After all the fear of Covid and the possibility of it getting into the lands, I am tentatively breathing a sigh of relief,  the sooner this mob get the jab the better.

I am back in the Blackstone office after a big trip to Kiwirrkurra, firstly to hold the seat until a new employee could be found and then to meet with the manager of NRM and the Acting GM of the nealth service to look at options for the kitchen upgrade.  An upgrade much overdue.  Pretty exciting to think it will actually happen.

We are  having our first kitchen audit this week, so fingers crossed for our 4 registered kitchen, the staff work hard and hopefully the Auditor will appreciate their efforts.

Next week we start a two week training round, I will drive to Yulara to pick up Tony the traininer and we will start at Blackstone.  Due to Covid it has been a year since we had the regular training that we need to keep our staff equiped and with a good attitude towards the tasks needed to keep our service running smoothly.  It has been difficult with the isolation that Covid has foisted on us, to keep local workers engaged in the job.  Next year we hope to work with the schoold on a training program, starting with year 10 students which will grow interest and excitements regarding work programs in Ng Health.  Fingers crossed?