Monday, 8 December 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Nadia, Rosie, Sharina, Katherine, Marcia, Socoway and Angela at the art centre Christmas party.

Sara Twigg Patterson sent us some wonderful new Tshirts for the artists and it was great fun trying them on and then, of course, taking the necessary photos.

Anthony our new manager quited himself well at the BBQ. The mob definitely think they are on a winner with this one.

Wipu my dog, has given Anthony the thumbs up.

Sandy the Home and Community Care coordinator for Ng Lands, joined us for lunch.

While the mob are gathered around the BBQ looking for tucka, Joy is inside enjoying the gale force winds coming from the cooler.

Nadia thought she would like to do a solo model of her new T Shirt and show off her lovely fingernail polish.

Sharine decided a bit more colour should go to the T shirt parade.

Nemo thought air conditioned comfort on the couch with the Jean Lane Spinifex Tjitji, was his best option.


Dianna is thinking an early night will be the go.