Friday, 14 November 2008

I just could not resist showing this picture. Is this woman gorgeous or what!

Angilyiya Mitchell with her beautiful big basket. I am wondering how I am going to get that one into the Tjanpi office. It was such a joy taking this picture, Angilyiya is so pleased with this work and her beautiful husband was sitting to one side just beaming with affection and pride. These two are a wonderful couple and just being in the room with them is a great pleasure.

Angilyiya has been talking of this basket for some time, she has been scrounging materials from every which way, for binding the grass. Her mother is unwell and Angilyiya has been working at home, keeping an eye on Mrs. Brown but always working. She is now working on a painting, a Seven Sisters story. She is such a craftswoman, innovative and always pushing the envelope with her art.