Saturday, 26 July 2008

One Foot in front of the other.

The last months have been very difficult, I have been hit by a rather nasty bug, a difficult one to shake off and the culmination of a year working in conditions that I would not ask my pet pig to work in has worn me down. The artists have been pretty sick of it and while summer was dreadfull, the thermometer reaching 56 degrees C in our workspace on more than a hand full of occasions, the cold mornings that come with winter have made it increasingly difficult to face going into the little dark cage that we have laughily called the office.

Well, over the last couple of weeks I have been steadily moving the art centre into the new building which is (at last) finnished. There are jobs like clearling a bit of rubble, making the atco donga, now the Men's painting room, friendly and inviting, but over all, it is lovely. Slowly the artists are making their way to the new art centre door, cheered by the clean and warm environment. I have a couple of new community workers and all in all my dark mood is lifting.

Our fist NACIS funding payment from the commonwealth government has come through and this week I recieved notification of approval for the artists outreach program we have been struggling to get up and running for Jameson and Wingellina. I am thrilled beyond speach.

My friend Jennifer from Ringer Soak is coming up for a month to help me get a few things sorted and started and Jodi will be back in a couple of weeks to work with Biblio Folio on the spinifex paper specialist book binding project, Indigenous Volunteers are coming to our aid again and helping this project come to fruition.

The year is chocker with activity and things are looking good.